Settling in

August 31, 2013 § Leave a comment


Landing was tough, there’s no doubt about it. The first hurdle was, of course, jet lag. Even after two months, though, we’re all still getting used to our new home. The boys both talk about missing Dayo, and Sebastian especially misses Brooklyn and his friends there (and he’s always had a very strong attachment to our house, which he refers to as a member of the family). But luckily—in addition to certain members of the household watching about 700 hours of cartoons dubbed into French—we’ve also had a lot of fun exploring our new town.

The top of every list should be food. I guess it’s no surprise that a country this obsessed with chocolate would get brownies right, and we think some of the best can be found at Chez Josy, a cozy spot in our commune of Watermael-Boitsfort. Just look at the

We’re also pretty spoiled when it comes to local playgrounds. (True story: when Frank and I traveled here last winter to see the city first-hand and decide if we wanted to move, we went to visit some friends of friends. Across the street from their house was a tiny local playground, and it had grass. Grass! We were not in New York anymore.)photoimageimagephoto-3photo

This has become a favorite spot to put down a blanket and relax for a while. It’s in the Bois de la Cambre, a beautiful park very close to our house. It is enormous and leads onto a forest that goes for miles and miles. I hope to one day learn my way around without relying on GPS. (Notice the lack of a single cloud.)

The other weekend we took our maiden voyage to the Atomium, built for the 1958 World’s Fair here. It’s the representation of an iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times. It is casually referred to as Brussels’s answer to the Eiffel Tower. While that may smack of delusions of grandeur, it is very cool when you see it in person. It’s really huge! (So big that apparently I didn’t get a picture showing the whole thing.) Its image is found everywhere, from the airport to brochures about the city, but unlike Paris’s landmark, the Atomium is not centrally located and therefore not visible from most parts of the city. Since we didn’t make it up to the top ball, we will definitely be making a return DIGITAL CAMERA

And, of course, there is the backyard. Here are a couple of astronauts.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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