Packing up is never easy to do*

August 28, 2013 § Leave a comment


This was the scene at our house a mere two or three hours after the movers arrived. They were very efficient. Granted, they had no reason to sit and ponder ravioli stamps or whether my grandmother’s white wine glasses should make the cut, and they weren’t burnt out from weeks of sorting through stuff. (How did we acquire so much stuff?) But still, I was impressed. And relieved. And grateful. And left wondering why there has never been a sitcom or reality show about movers. Based on how calm, cool, and collected they all were, I can only assume they get some kind of bonus if no one cries on moving day.

* Packing up would in fact have been impossible to do without some incredible help from some amazing friends: Lenka, Lynn, Christina, Wayne, Mike, Alison, and Dayo. (And one very extraordinary TaskRabbit.) These brave souls literally sweated it out beside me as I sorted, boxed, donated, or chucked the entire contents of our house. Thank you thank you thank you.

The movers at work






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